Self-Publishing Resources

Excerpted from Information for the Author In search of a publisher by Earnest Edward Lacey. Copyright © 2003. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved “As a self-publisher you have total control. He who pays the piper, names the tune. In other words, it’s your money and you make all the decisions. As a first time author, it’s difficult to find a publisher, so doing it yourself is the best way to get your book to market. You get all the profits without sharing them with a publisher or an agent. You can earn from 40 up to a 400 percent margin. A successfully published book might be more appealing to a publishing company than an unpublished, untested manuscript. Your control may ensure the longevity of your book. An established publisher may decide to let your book go out of print. When you self-publish, you decide when more promotion is necessary and keep the book going for years. As a self-publisher, you own all rights to your book, hardback rights, softback rights, movie rights, international book rights and the magazine excerpt rights. If you use a traditional publishing house, the publishing house will own the rights to your book. If they lose interest in your book, you will not be able to print additional copies unless you purchase those rights back. Making money isn’t the only reason to publish. Sharing what you have learned and leaving a legacy to your family are admirable motives. A book is an expression of yourself. When you copyright your book you control your book during your entire life plus 70 years after you die. Royalties are passed on to your children or whomever you designate.”

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